Covid-19 Response

Hi everyone,

Hope you are doing well in the midst of this unusual time in our world!

For now, we are having two worship services on Sunday so that we can come to the church but still maintain some social distance.  The first service will be at 9:30 a.m. with the second service at 11 a.m.  We encourage all those at-risk to attend the 9:30 a.m. service.  This includes those who are 65 and older or close to that.

We are doing some things differently in the service such as keeping distance from other family groups in the pews.  We have baskets for the offering placed by each exit.  There is cleaning done between the services and we will do all we can to keep everyone safe.  Face masks are strongly encouraged until seated but not required.  There is hand sanitizer available at each entrance.  

Even with these precautions, it may be better for some people to continue to worship at home.  Anyone with any possible symptoms should also stay home to worship.  For those staying home, the 11 a.m. service will be on 105.7 FM and on Facebook Live.

We also have Sunday School classes.  The Senior Adult department, sanctuary class, & Bill Stockton's class are meeting following the first service.  Children, youth, and the Seekers (Nancy Traylor) classes are meeting at 9:45 a.m.

Videos of Sunday School will continue to be posted online.  

May God continue to bless and protect you and your family each day!

In His Love,

Greg Traylor



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I want to share with you our response to the coronavirus including what we are doing and why.  This is a time like no other in our history.  It is also a great opportunity for God to work in our world.  Decisions were not taken lightly in any of this.

We are still having church but doing it in a different way.  Church will be only online and through the radio for at least the next couple of weeks.  The sermon note page will be posted online ahead of time so you can print it at home if desired.

While this is different, it is a way that could lead to greater things in our personal & family’s spiritual growth and impact on the world.  Even though we do not gather here, we are still going to worship and seek God together!

It will look more like the New Testament church where they gathered in homes to study God’s Word.  The methods of the church have changed over the past 2000 years, but the message and ministry has always remained the same, and it will continue to do so now and the days ahead.  I look forward to what God is going to do!

With that anticipation of God working through all of this for His good, let me explain why this choice was made.

First, our government task force that has the most information asked us on Monday to not have gatherings of more than 10 people.  This was an effort to slow down the spread of the virus so our medical personnel and supplies can properly be prepared to treat those infected.

The church should lead in being an example to the rest of the world in all things.  This includes following our government leaders unless that directly contradicts God’s Word.  We can always ask ourselves about any matter, what if everyone followed our example in how we are responding?  We should always set an example in all things.

Trust in God does not mean to be careless.  We still follow the rules about safety for other things.  I trust God and I wear my seat belt.  I don’t drive 100 mph even though that could be fun because it would also be dangerous.  I trust God but I still lock my house at night.  We trust in God and yet we have also taken steps to prepare in case an active shooter comes to the church.

This does not mean we live in fear, but that we use the abilities and wisdom God has given us in a way to protect others and ourselves.

Israel in the Old Testament took the attitude that they could do whatever they wanted because they were God’s people and God would bless them.  We see over and over how that lead to major trouble for them as God dealt with them and their pride.  Let’s not let pride get in the way of wisdom.

Suppose we just said trust God and come to church and then a person caught the virus and ended up passing away.  How do we explain to their family member who is not walking with God to trust God when they say that is what killed the person they love?  It could cause that family member to never look to God.  We want to use wisdom and give people more reasons to look to God for answers.

While we have taken some preventive steps for the virus, we are also doing some things to continue to seek to follow God.  We will have our worship service both on the radio on 105.7 FM and on our Facebook page Sunday at 11 a.m.  We encourage you to participate in one of those ways and if possible gather with your family or a few other people to worship.  We will not stop having church or being the church.

We will be posting some Bible reading guides and devotions in the following days and hope you will respond to those.

If this was to continue until Easter, we are working on arrangements for Drive-in church where you can come but stay in your car for an outdoor worship experience.

If you have a need, please contact us.  I have had many people volunteer to go pick up groceries for others.

This could be our time to be the church in a way we never have previously.  Use this time to see what God wants to do through you and in you!

In His Love,

Greg Traylor